Why Butterfly Valve
When Choosing Valve
Selection of valve Type Against Fluid
Rubber Materials List
Comparison Vulcanized Loose Rubber Liners
Selection of Butterfly Valve
Rubber Materials List
Rubber Materials Abbreviation ASTM Code
Natutal Rubber NR AA
Nitrle Rubber NBR BF , BG , BK , CH
Ethylene propylene Rubber EPDM AA , BA , CA , DA
Polyacrylate Rubber ACM DF , DH , EH
Epichlorohydrin ECO CE
Vamac (Ethylene/Acrylic) E/A EE
Polychloroprene CR BC , BE
Urethane Rubber PU BG
Styrene butadiene copolyme SBR AA
Silicone Rubber SI FC , FE , GE
Hydrogenate Nitrile HNBR DH
Butyl Rubber IIR BA
Polybutadiene BR AA , BA
Polyisoprene IR AA
Hypalon Polyethylene CSM CE
Fluoro Carbon FPM HK Rubber
Fluorinated Silicone Rubber FLS FK
A+ : Excellent A : Good B : Suitable C : Limited D : Poor
Tensile Strength A+ A A C C C A A A+ A D C A D A
Elongation A+ A+ A C A A A A A+ A D D D A+ D
Rebound Resistance A+ A+ C A+ D A A+ A A+ C C C C C C
Tear Resistance A+ A C C C C A A A+ C D C C D C
Abrasion-Resistance Resistance A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A A A A+ A C C A D C
Mpact Strength Resistance A+ A+ A+ A A A A+ A+ A+ A C A C D C
Gas Impermeability Resistance C C C C A+ C A+ A A A C A+ A D A
Oxygen Resistance C C C C A+ A A C A A+ A A A+ A+ A+
Ozone Resistance D D D D A A+ A D A A+ A A+ A+ A+ A+
Weathering Resistance C C C C A+ A+ A C A A A A A+ A+ A+
Flame Resistance D D C C A+ A+ A D A A+ A A A+ A+ A+
Heat Resistance D D C C A A+ A C C A A A A A+ A+
Low Temperature Resistace A A C A C A C C A C D A A A+ A
Oil and Fuel Resistance D D D D D D B A A B A A C C A+
Animal and Vegetable Oil Resistance C C C C A A A A+ A A A+ A+ C B A+
Alcohol Resistance A A A A A B A+ A B A+ A A A A A
Alkaline Resistance C C C C A+ A A+ A D A+ D B A D B
Acid Resistance B B B B A A A A D A C C C C A
Aliphatic-solvent Resistance                              
Aliphatic D D D D D D A A+ A A A+ A C D A+
Aromatic D D D D D D C B D C C A D D A+
Oxygen Ated-solvent Resistance A A A A A+ A+ D D D C D D C C D
Water Resistance A+ A+ A A+ A+ A+ A A C A D A A A


A Brief Introduction To Our Materials
(SBR) Styrene-butadiene rubber : Excellent to aging, heat, and abrasion, more oil resistance than NR. Suitable for Tires, Rollers, hose, Medical, Bushes…
(BR) Butadiene rubber : Excellent to abrasion, low temperature, suitable for rubber shoes,tubes,regrigerating engineering..
(CR) Choroprene rubber : Excellent to heat resistance, good weather / ozone resistance, it is Non-self-ignition mateial, take away from fire. Suitable for automotive component, hose, aerespace parts. Parts used at low temperature.
(NBR) Nitrile–butadiene rubber: Excellent to oil / heat / abrasion resistance. Suitable for oil seals, rollers, electro conductive items….
(EPDM,EPM)ethylene-propylenediene copolymer : Excellent to weather / ozone resistance. Excellent elastic and it is water and steam resistance. Suitable for automotive, brake item, water tube, vibration absorbers….
Silicone rubber : Good Ozone, weather resistance. Physical very stable even temperature change from 60 to 250 degree C, suitable for electronic parts, medical items, cooking bowl…
(FKM) Viton : Excellent to chemical/ high heat / ozone resistance. Good to lubrication, solvent, and weather resistance. Suitable for automotive industries and various gasket, o-rings, seals for diverse industries.
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